Living in Beauty

Friyay Faves 7

Hello and happy Friyay! It’s time for another round of Friyay a Faves! Here’s just a few things I’ve been loving this week!  10 baking questions people ask me all the time…this article! Y’all it will help solve a lot of your baking woes! Ha! It’s actually very informative and answered some questions I didn’t… Read More Friyay Faves 7

Living in Sugar

Friyay Faves 6

Hello and welcome to another addition of friyay faves! Like I mentioned earlier this week, I’m in California for work so I’ve been having some good food and great shopping experiences while I’m here! I just said goodbye to all my money while Im out here. 😛 But! Aside from all that, I do have… Read More Friyay Faves 6