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Brownie Bites

Ya’ll. I think I finally figured it out. These brownie bites will have you saying O-M-Goodness all day long. If you’ve read my recent post on brownie bites and my conundrum on getting them to come out of a pan, then you know that this is truly a *win* in my book! I stinkin’ love… Read More Brownie Bites

Living in Sugar

Truffle Brownie Bites

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today I’m super stoked about this devilishly delicious recipe I have for you! Truffle Brownie Bites! Yum! Every week just gets a little bit better with some chocolate right?? right. Well these are actually a fluke recipe in that I intended on making brownie bites — just little bites of heaven… Read More Truffle Brownie Bites

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M&M Candy Brownies

Hello! Happy Wednesday! Ok, so I have a confession to make, I’ve been obsessed with recreating the little Debbie fudge brownies — you know the ones. They come with little nuts or candies on top and they taste — like childhood. Right?! Well. I think I am one step closer with these brownies. They’re not… Read More M&M Candy Brownies

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Cosmic Fudge Brownies

Hello! How’s your Wednesday going? Getting over that hump? I have mixed feelings about Wednesdays…I mean, half the week is gone so –yay!– but half the week still remains…– boo — so, yea. Mixed feelings. BUT! What I don’t have mixed feelings about are these Cosmic Fudge Brownies! Holy yum. They are rich and chocolatey… Read More Cosmic Fudge Brownies