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Favorite Things — March 2020

Hello! I can’t believe March is over — well. I can believe march is over its just crazy to think about all the things that happened in march. Here’s to hoping April will be less crazy, but let’s be real — no one knows do they?? So here I am, keepin’ it real with a round up of my favorite things — march 2020. A lot of it is focused on wellbeing and self love, so lets get into it!

First up, some bath-time indulgence. Lately I’ve been enjoying unwinding in a hot bath with a glass of wine or tea. It feels really special on a Wednesday night to just hang out and feel pampered. One of my favorite bubble baths is from Bath & BodyWorks Aromatherapy line: Stress Relief: Eucalyptus Spearmint At about $16 a bottle, its one of the best priced “adult” bubble baths I have found. It creates large soft bubbles, with a strong, but not overpowering scent — plus it doesn’t make your bath tub slick as many do. Definitely recommend for your evening wind-down!

Next up — Dr. Teals Epsom salts. I often use these in combination with the bubble bath above to create a soothing bath experience. Epsom salts help soothe aching muscles so with all that working out you’ve been doing this will make the ache sand pains go away faster. Dr. Teal’s brand of salts dissolve very rapidly in hot water which is nice as you don’t feel the gritty salt when you step into the bath. And at $5 a bag — the price can’t be beat!

Now lets talk about hair care. I have color treated hair so I tend to go for more nourishing shampoos and conditioners but I have to say even if I didn’t have colored hair, I would absolutely choose Olaplex Shampoo line. Its Paraben-free; sulfate-free; phthalate-free and gluten-free plus it helps to repair and maintain bonds within the hair, re-linking broken ones to protect hair from everyday stresses including split ends and frizz. Perfect for color treated hair! I also have very fine hair and this shampoo and conditioner don’t weight it down and make it greasy. Win-win!

Favorite Things -- March 2020:favorite shampoo

Next up, Just a bit of skin care: Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin enriched face base. I absolutely love this product. under make up, without make up, it’s just a great lotion that really helps hydrate and plump your skin. It’s been in my favorites before and I don’t think it’s going anywhere soon.

Favorite Things -- March 2020 bobbi brown facecream

On to some candles! This is something else I’ve been doing lately — burning candles while working, cooking, baking, taking a bath — you name it probably have a candle for it. Here are a few from my favorite things — march 2020:

Voluspa Gogi Tarocco Orange — $30

Favorite Things -- March 2020 Voluspa candles

Sand & Fog: All scents, but particularly the eucalyptus — $ 15 – 35 (price varies on where you buy them from)

Favorite Things -- March 2020: sand and fog candles

Now, lets get our workout on! Nothing says self love like a good sweat right? I’ve listed some of my favorites below, with a good mix of everything. 🙂

Yoga with @thecostalyogi on her Instagram live. Sarah has been killing it with providing at home yoga and yoga sculpt workouts that are 50 minutes long and kick your butt! If you’ve never tried yoga, or have been nervous to go to a class now is the time. No one can see you and no one cares if you don’t do it exactly right. Sarah has also come up with her very own workouts — the costal method — which is a series of on demand yoga workouts that you can do anywhere. For $40 its definitely worth it!

Favorite Things -- March 2020: The Coastal Yogi

Next up is Peloton. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t why not???? then you know I bought one of these bikes back in janurary. I love it and its so much fun but I wanted to share that Peloton is doing a 90 day free access to their app that has so much more than cycling classes! anything from yoga to bootcamp, you can find it there. It works with amazon fire sticks, smart TVs, tablets — you name it, you can play it. It’s such a great way to stay motivated during this time.

peloton symbol

Finally, in the workout category, we’ve got Les Mills. Les Mills is a workout company responsible for popular workouts like Body Pump, Body step, GRIT, etc. If you’ve been to a gym in the last decade, you’ve probably seen one of their group fitness classes. Les Mills has an on demand app now that allows you to take their workouts anywhere. It is currently a free trial for two weeks and after that, it varies in price. You can check out more on their site, but I love the intensity of their workouts and if you have weights at home, this could be a great option for you.

body pump/les mills ad

Finally, some fashion and accessory talk. Now these two things couldn’t be further from each other on the specrum of fashion, but they are my favorites. 🙂 First up, Lou & Grey sweat pants. You Guys. I’ve found them — the perfect sweat pant. not to hot, not too thin, great stretch and the softness is incredible. Well worth the $70, IMO.

Favorite Things -- March 2020: the best sweatpants!

Next, and last, is my Senreve bags. I was introduced to this line from a youtuber (Chaseamie) and I ordered my first one a few months ago and just recently took advataged of their re-bag sale (20% off!!) and I have to say, I really love these bags. Different style to be sure, but for high quality leather & a great price point for a designer bag, you can’t go wrong.

Favorite Things -- March 2020: Senreve Mini Maestra bag

So that’s it for march — wow that was a lot! I hope you enjoyed and I hope you are staying healthy. See you next time!

XO, Danielle

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