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Lavender Honey Cookies — Great British Baking Show

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Hello! In the spirt of the great british bake off, season 7 coming to an end on Netflix earlier this month, I wanted to share a cookie, or biscuit recipe that I made for our viewing party. Mary Barry’s Lavender honey Cookies! and yes, we had people over to celebrate the finally of season 7 — we’re nerds and it’s ok.

These cookies were inspired by Mary Berry, who is no longer on the show but an absolute staple when it comes to British inspired baking and food. I took just the smallest amount of liberty with the recipe, so it is really hers just pumped up with some honey. You can find her original recipe in her cookbook that I’ve linked below. If you love the show, or just want to give something different a try, I absolutely recommend her cookbook.

So this is a very basic cookie recipe, and super easy to make. The biggest factor in making this dough is allowing it the appropriate time to chill in the fridge. Once you form the cookies into logs, you really need to let it chill for at least 30 minutes.

I am not normally a fan of cookie dough’s that I have to chill, because patience is not a virtue I hold, but in this case I definitely recommend it. These cookies are also super easy to freeze and then bake later. Perfect for the upcoming holidays or for when you just want to make a couple to have with some tea.

 Lavender honey cookies on parchment

I also used dried lavender for this recipe, in retrospect I would probably have tried to find fresh as I think it would have changed the dynamic of the cookie, but i till really enjoyed the dried lavender version. So if you have dried lavender on hand, use that! Just watch how much you put in as dried is much stronger in flavor than fresh.

 Lavender honey cookies with a honey drizzle

So go forth and bake these lavender honey cookies! Have fun with it and make sure to check out the Great British Baking Show if you haven’t already. Totally binge worthy content. 🙂



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Lavender Honey Cookies

Make one of Mary Berry's traditional recipes! You can't go wrong with this combo.

Course Dessert
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Resting Time 30 minutes
Servings 24
Author Mary Berry


  • 3/4 Cup Butter, unsalted
  • 1 tbsp Lavender, dried
  • 3/4 Cup Sugar, Granulated
  • 1 3/4 Cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 tsbp Honey
  • 2 tsbp demerara sugar


  1. In a mixing bowl, beat the butter and granulated sugar together until light and fluffy

  2. Add Lavender and honey to butter/sugar mix

  3. Add the flour and beat just until it all comes together.  

  4. Use your hands to knead the mixture gently until it is nice and smooth.

  5. Divide the dough in half and roll each half into a 6 inch long tube. Roll each tube in demerara sugar until coated and wrap tightly in plastic. Chill for 30 minutes

  6. Preheat oven to 325F. Remove cookie dough from refrigerator and cut into 1/4" slices. Place on prepared cookie sheets (lined with parchment paper) and bake for 15 minutes or until the cookies are lightly golden brown.

  7. Allow to cool completely before serving with your favorite tea. Store in an air-tight container for up to 3 days.

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