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Friyay Faves 12

So it’s been a while since I talked about some of my favorite things from around the internet and world, so I thought I would kick off the weekend by letting you guys in on what I’ve been loving lately in my Friyay Faves 12!

First off, I recently finished the audible version of Harry Potter: A History of Magic and it was a very cool read — err listen. It’s been 20 years since the first book came out and this book celebrates magic through the ages from the stand point of the harry potter books. Such a good book if you’re an avid potter-nerd — or if you just like history. I’m going to buy the hard back copy because in the audio book they describe items that are on display in London that I really want to see verses just hearing about them.

Next, I’ve really been into (ya’ll have seen this in recent posts) watching the Great British Baking Show on Netflix. If you’re not watching it — why not??? I find it super entertaining and highly addictive. There’s 5 seasons out now and a 6th coming on the 9th of Nov — SO STOKED. Watch these incredible “home bakers” make fantastic things, find out who is crowned *star baker* and get ready for season 6!

Makeup & Skincare

The Vanish Foundation Stick from Hourglass Cosmetics. This foundation is awesome! It has great coverage and the fact that it comes in a stick makes it very easy to travel with. I highly recommend that you check it out — esp since Sephora is having it’s VIB Rouge 20% off holiday sale!

These Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Jelly eye sheet masks are like heaven on earth! I already love their full face hydrating and purifying jelly masks, but the eye masks are a wonderful addition to your nightly routine. Cooling and calming they are a fantastic way to wind down at the end of a long week. and at $2! You can’t beat that.

And while this it not truly a friyay fave — as I haven’t tested it out yet — I’m super excited for the Pat McGrath Labs Holiday Collection. (available at Sephora and at I bought the MTHRSHP Subversive Metalmorphsis Palette. I cant WAIT for it to arrive so I can swatch it and wear it and LOVE it. I mean, just look at that purple color. Ugh. I’m already in love.

So that’s about it! A relatively short list, for my friyay faves 12 but I’ll be posting another list of what I’m buying (& what I recommend you buy!) at the Sephora VIB rouge holiday sale in the next couple of days!

See ya next time!



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