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Monthly Makeup Faves — May!

Hey guys! It’s that time again for another round of monthly makeup (and skincare) faves! I’ve compiled what I’ve been loving this past month with links to all the products! Let me know in the comments what products you’ve been loving lately! 

H&M Lipsticks

Guys! I love this lipstick! I heard really great things about it a few months ago, but I’ve never gotten around to trying it out, but! When I was in St. Augustine I went shopping with my stepmom and I bought a whole bunch of these babies to try out! Some of them were on sale for $3 (just make sure you don’t get the used ones…) but regular price they are $9.99, so totally affordable and worth a try. They come in two types, matte (black top) and cream (white top) and both are very nice and don’t dry out your lips. 

Now, as it is lipstick, it won’t last forever but the matters do last longer than the creams. Just something to keep in mind. 

Soft Glam Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills 

I’ve literally been wearing this palette on my eyes every day this month. It’s that good! Soft and easy to blend mattes with great shimmers and foils it’s a soft glam lovers dream! And the blendability! So good! It plays well with others, and it’s got a great mirror. Super awesome and worth the $$!

MAC Makeup Brushes:

I recently invested (because let’s be honest, that’s what MAC brushes are because $$$$) in two MAC brushes and I love them! I want to save all the monies up to I can buy more. 

I bought the MAC 240 synthetic large tapered blending brush, so good for blending in the crease! 

I also bought the MAC 195 Concealer Brush and I use this mostly to pack on shimmer or glitter eyeshadows. The synthetic bristles make cleaning a breeze too! 

Cover FX Blurring Primer

I received this product in my monthly boxy charm box and I’ve been using it off and on for a few weeks. I have enjoyed using it wherever I want to fill pores in my T-zone and have a more matte finish. 

I don’t use this all over my face, and just a little bit will do it for you. So don’t go overboard. 

Pastiche Shower Cleansing Oil

I got turned on to this cleansing oil by Tati Westbrook from Glam Life Guru on YouTube and so far it’s very good. Smells like warm toasted pistachios and vanilla and it doesn’t contain any sulfates so it’s gentle on the skin. 

I usually combine this shower oil with another body wash so I get the best of both worlds, a body wash that lathers and one that makes my skin feel awesome. Love! 

Travel Accessories from Sephora

So ya’ll know I’ve been traveling a lot and that’s not going to stop anytime soon! I’m heading to Cali next week for work and then it’s up to New Hampshire for the 4th and the hubby and I are busily planning our crazy Hawaii – New Zealand vaca this fall and lots of weekend vaca’s in between. So fun. But that means I need reliable and affordable travel containers for all my makeup and beauty needs! 

This travel kit from Sephora and these small containers are just the thing to make packing and traveling with liquids a breeze! Easy to fill (and re-fill) they are small and compact and I love that they come with that hot pink travel case! Too cute! 

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

I love this face wash! I think I’ve been using it, pretty exclusively, for about a year now. It’s gentle and really does clean my face of all the left over makeup once I remove it. I love that it gives me a clean fresh feel without drying out my face. You literally feel squeaky clean. 

I typically use it in the evenings with my Clarisonic Mia and in the mornings I just wash my face with it and my fingers. Either way, you don’t need a lot and a bottle will typically last me about 4 months. Plus at $26 it’s a great buy! 

Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb Face Lotion

Ok, so I am back on this belif skincare kick! I use this for a while last year and absolutely loved what it did for my skin. So why did I stop you might ask? Well, there were other skincare products I wanted to try annnnnnd it takes at least 30 days for your skin to show whether a product is working or not, so I got away from using it but I’m back on it now! 

I love the lightweight texture of this lotion and it feels like your giving your face a drink of water when you put it on. You don’t need a lot of product and it absorbs super fast into the skin and it doesn’t leave a greasy mess behind. I think this product works best for a normal to combo skin type, but they have another cream (Belif True Cream Moisturizing Bomb) that is geared towards dry skin if that’s what you’re working with. 

So that’s it! A pretty short list but I haven’t tested too make crazy products this month. Stay tuned because tomorrow I have a great recipe coming your way for national donut day! (Check out some great deals for tomorrow here!) 

See ya then!



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