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What’s in my makeup bag? Beach Addition

Hello hello! It’s yet another Wednesday, another week half way gone, and as we look forward to May I wanted to share what I usually put in my makeup bag for the beach and/or pool! The season of fun, sun and sand (everywhere) is upon us!

So without further ado, lets jump right in! (See what I did there?)

First things first, lets talk about hair care — yes I know, I know. I just said makeup bag but! Your hair is important too, ok?

There is nothing worse than coming in from the beach or pool and then trying to wash or brush your tangled, matted, sea salty hair. Am I right? Never fear! I have a solution for you! The Wet Brush!


No, it’s not literally a wet brush, that’s just the name, but it’s meant to be used on wet, tangled hair. I’ve mentioned this item in a favorites post before but good lord does it work! This is a staple in my life now, and not just for beach visits. I honestly feel like I lose less hair (yes, I used to yank out my hair when I brushed it, don’t judge) and I get all the tangles out despite not using a crap ton of conditioner that then just weighs down my hair. All my girls with fine hair, you know what I’m talking about! So, bottom line, I love this brush and I will continue to use it, forever.

Another item I love for hair care is by the brand R+Co.  It’s the Pinstripe Intense Detangling Spray ($23). It smells so good and it works miracles on my hair. Apply it after showering on towel dry hair and let it sit for about 5 minutes and then use your Wet Brush. Hello amazing, shiny hair! Style as you normally would and this spray wont weigh you down.


And finally in the hair care realm, this Perfect Hair Day (PhD) in shower styler ($25) for air dry styles from the brand Living Proof. I love that it’s a product that you apply to your hair while showering and then just rinse it out lightly and BAM! All done. You just hop out of the shower, slap a few spritzes of the afore-mentioned detangling spray, brush with your wet brush then let air dry.


I love low maintenance hair care and air dryed style are right up my alley. Who has time to blow dry??? HA!

Alright, enough with the haircare. Moving into skin care. Ya’ll. You HAVE to use SPF. On your skin. Preferably everyday, not just on beach/pool days. Melanoma is real.

Now, I get it. Sunscreen breaks you out, it feels greasy, it makes your makeup look funny. I get it! I feel all these things too but I honestly would rather have a zit that I can conceal than cancer. Just sayin.

Thankfully I have a few solutions for you in the sunscreen world. I love Baby Bum Mineral Sunscreen from Sun Bum ($9.99). Mostly because it absorbs quickly and it doesn’t make my skin feel oily or greasy. Plus, my makeup/primer doesn’t hate it. So I will wear this on my face and neck when I’m going to spend a bunch of time outside or when I’m heading to the beach or pool and feel just fine.

This product comes in a stick form, so if you’re not into that, I also like the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen. A little goes a long way and it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy on the skin.


Now, if you’re into wearing make up at the beach or pool, that’s cool! Do you booboo. A beach friendly makeup with SPF is the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation. This is a new item from this brand and retails at Ulta for $39.50 which seems like a steep price, but this is literally a tinted moisturizer/foundation that provides medium to full coverage with 50SPF. Sounds pretty good to me.


This is for my makeup babes, that can’t go anywhere without something on your face. So far this product has not made me break out — but I’ve only used it a few times. The ONLY thing about this foundation that bugs me is the shade range. They need to come out with more shades! I will keep ya’ll posted if this becomes a OG product.

Next up! Loreal’s Waterproof Voluminous Lash Paradise. Ugh. So good! On or off the beach. But you can bet a waterproof mascara is on my lashes while I’m beaching it up. I love this mascara. It doesn’t run, it doesn’t bleed, and it cost $9.99! Beat that Sephora!

Now, if you’re not one for foundation or mascara at the beach, that’s ok! Just put on some SPF, a hat and some sunglasses and you’re good to go! But…if you want to hit those cheekbones and high points of the face and body with a bit of shine and shimmer, these Cover Fx Custom Enhancer drops ($42) are awesome for highlighting those areas of the face and body. 

As is the Jellybeam Highlighter from Farsali ($40). A little bit goes a long way! 

Now, perhaps the beach or pool isn’t your thing but you still want that glow like you’ve been there — well I have some self tanner suggestions to give you that beach glow without the sun exposure! 

First up, this In Shower Gradual Tan by St Tropez  ($25) is great. I love that you can just rinse it off after 3 minutes of application and a steady even color will develop over a week of use. 

Also, this Wet Skin Gradual Tanner by Jergens ($8.59) is great because you literally apply it after you shower then pat dry and you’re done! It doesn’t transfer to your clothes or your towel. Awesome! 

Both of those options will help any tan last longer and give you a glowing color year round but if you’re looking for that glow that lasts for a while or then I would suggest finding a good tanning salon where a person (not a machine) will give you a custom spray tan. If you don’t want to do that, then the Brazilliance + tanner by Tarte is a great at home option, you’ll just need someone to help with the middle of your back (or at least I do). 😉


And finally, we’ve got to take care of those lips! Your lips need sun protection too! I love this Lip Balm by Super Goop ($9.50), but chap stick from the drug store works just as well. Just make sure, as with all SPF, you reapply often and thoroughly.

So that’s about it! You don’t need a lot of products to be glam on the beach or at least feel protected and comfortable. 

I hope this was helpful and beneficial for your future beach trips! Just remember, use that SPF and protect your skin! 

Happy Beaching!



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