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Sheet-Pan Nachos

Happy Tuesday! Today I have a great (and fast!) recipe that you *could* make to replace tacos for taco Tuesday….I mean, almost. But not really. How bout you make these sheet-pan nachos as a SIDE for your taco Tuesday? Deal? Cool.

Anyway, Sheet-pan Nachos. Let’s do it. I mean, if you were planning on having tacos today anyway, you probably have everything to whip these together in a snap! Cheesy and delicious, you only need one pan (not including the sheet pan) to cook the meat and bring this all together.

Lets start with some really good tortilla chips. You need something that is hardy and will hold up to all the things we are about to put on these babies. So pick your favorite tortilla chips and lay them out in a single layer on your sheet pan. I used a regular 1/4 sheet pan, but you could up the ante and make these on a half sheet pan, just double the ingredients and you’ve got a serious party platter.

Now let’s talk about the toppings. I mean building these nachos is like putting on make up, the chips are your foundation and all the things that go on top should be things you love. That’s what were doing here! Nachos = Self Love.

So, I decided to cook up some ground beef with the taco seasoning that I used in my “not your mama’s tacos” post. You should definitely check it out, super flavorful and spicy it will lend a lot of flavor to the beef and to your nachos.

Of course, you can go sans meat on these nachos and make them vegetarian, but I would still use some black or pinto beans and cook them in a little oil and taco seasoning so you still get the taco flavor but you don’t have to use meat!

So once you’ve cooked the meat (if using), layer it up with some cheese and black beans on top of the chips and toss it in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes. Really this step is just to melt the cheese and allow the flavors to meld.

Now just take a sniff of your kitchen — so good! It’s making me hungry just thinking about it.

Once those nacho’s are crispy and the cheese is melty hit it with all those toppings! I love some bell pepper, queso (duh), jalapeños, more cheese….you get this picture. You can top these delicious bits of heaven with just about anything you can think of. Step outside your comfort zone and go crazy with your nachos!

Once you’re done dressing your nacho’s its time to chow down! So while these sheet-pan nachos wont replace taco Tuesday, they would make a great dinner on their own or a great addition to a potluck spread. Great hot or room temp — you must give them a try! I know they will be a staple in our house. 🙂

I hope ya’ll have a great day! Stay tuned tomorrow, I’ve got another round of “what’s in my Makeup Bag” heading your way!



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