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Miami Vacation — Trip recap

Hello hello! Happy hump Day! Today I’m recap-ing my recent trip to Miami. I had so much fun spending time on the beach with my friend Kinleigh, shopping and eating! Oh and of course dancing, we can’t forget the dancing! 

{At the Broken Shaker}

{Yoga on the roof top}

So let’s start with the hotel we stayed at. It’s called The Confidante and it’s a boutique hotel owned by Hyatt and it sits right on Miami’s middle beach. 

For those that don’t know, Miami Beach is technically split into 3 sections, south, middle, and north beach. South beach is where you dance, middle beach is where you chill, and north beach is where you shop! 

There is also a convenient and FREE trolley that will take you around the island & Miami Beach. Free is a big deal because Miami Beach is not a cheap place to be! 

Anyway, back to the hotel. We stayed in a rather large room with an ocean view and it was very nicely appointed and quiet. The staff at The Confidante were very nice and efficient, although I do think that their pool/beach side serve could have been a bit better. All in all though, a great place to stay and I would recommend it to anyone who is traveling to Miami Beach! 

Now on to the food in Miami beach! Ugh. I can’t get over all the fresh fish and fruit that is available! From seared snapper to tuna poke to oysters and delicious fresh squeezed juice and these amazing ducks de leche cookies that I *have* to recreate — the food was amazing! 

I’ve posted a few photos below of what we ate {and drank} during our trip! {also something of note: a lot of restaurants have a 18-20% service fee attached to the bill, so just be in the look out if you’re visiting!}

{Guava Pastilitos}

{Cuban Sammie}

{Kumamoto Oysters}

{Tuna Poké Bowl}

Next on to the dancing! We went out one evening to a few clubs in south beach and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. First we went to a place called mangos which has multiple dancing rooms and some live entertainment down stairs with dancing and some of the people who work there dance as well. I highly recommend checking it out just to say you did if you’re ever in Miami. 

Next we hoped on over to a place called Bodega, which is a small-ish club in the back of a pizza/taco place. There’s usually a wait, but there’s a cool club next door as well that you can hang out in while you’re waiting for the Bodega to open up. 

Bodega was cool, but it was packed on a Saturday night! We got there around 1am and had to wait about 30 minutes to get in. So it was fun but it was busy! 

On Sunday there was rain and cloudiness in the forecast so we went shopping! We hit up the Sephora in south beach, where I bought most of what I mentioned I wanted to purchase in this post. 

We also went to Sak’s Fifth Ave where I promptly spend all the money $$$ on  Christian Louboutin shoes that I am in *love* with and this Chloe handbag that is just so ready for summer. 

I also got this gorgeous Alice and Olivia dress that is so different from what I usually wear but I’m hear for it. 

So after shopping, we just hung out at the hotel and had a low-key night of watching a movie and eating {more} poke. So good! 

The next day was our last day on the beach, but it was such a great trip I can’t wait to go back and spend more time (and money, ha!) in Miami. 

Stay tuned for a great recipe heading your way manana!

See y’all tomorrow! 



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