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Friyay Faves 2

Hello from Miami Beach! 

I’m vacationing here this weekend with a friend and can’t wait to share all the Miami things with you but! Today is round 2 of Friyay favorites! So let’s get into what I’ve been loving this week! 

Maybelline Stay-All-Day Foundation

I love this foundation — it has great coverage and a smooth, not drying finish. The glass bottle makes it feel more expensive than it is, and the pump on a drug store foundation is a great touch! The only thing I wish there was more of is shades, there’s only 16 shades and I think they could expand the line. 

Nuetrogena hydro-gel “deep clean” mask

This mask is amazing! I love the way it plumps my skin without making it sticky or being overly watery. The two pieces make it easy to apply and control where you want to place it. I found my skin absorbed the serum easily and I didn’t even have to run it in after I took it off. The best part? It’s $2.59!

Sprinkle cupcake from piece of cake — Atlanta

While I was on my way to Miami, I stopped at the Piece of Cake store front in atl and The birthday cake was so good! I usually don’t like mass produced baked goods — they taste weird don’t they? But this tasted like something I would make at home. Super yummy and worth the calories. 😉

All things Green Chile 

When I was in Albuquerque this past week I fell in love all over again with all things green Chile! Green chilie on burgers, fries, by itself, you name it — I love it and I was sad to leave it behind in the southwest’s. Maybe I should try to make my own??? 

Target southwest style

Also, while I was in Albuquerque I went to target to scoop up a couple of things and I loved all the southwest spring and summer styles they had out! Why don’t they carry this in all the stores…mostly why don’t they carry it in my target?? I could have bought more than just a couple of shirts but then I would need more room in my suitcase! 

Lululemon run on tank & speed up shorts

I bought these tanks and shorts back in March and have been putting them to the rest in my work outs over the past month and I have to say I think I need to buy more! I love the way they fit and breathe and allow freedom of movement without being super tight or short! I like that they make a slightly longer short so you don’t feel like it’s riding up your bum the whole time that you’re working out. Am I right? 

So that’s it! Just a few of the things I’m loving from this past week! If you check them out, let me know why you think down below! 

Stay tuned to my social media accounts for tales and pics from my Miami field trip this weekend! 



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